Monday, August 9, 2010

New Zealand Rd, PEI, Canada

9" x 12"
Open acrylics on canvas board
New Zealand Rd.
PEI, Canada

Here is my submission to the August, 2010 Virtual Paintout challenge which is PEI, Canada. I just bought a set of Golden Open acrylics and this was my first try at using them. The set is a "traditional palette" and the colours are all very transparent, so the look I achieved was very watercolour-like. This isn't what I would call my normal style of painting but I'm interested in doing more plein-air painting to enhance my skills, so I wanted to paint this very directly in a limited timeframe.

Virtual Paintout is an online art challenge that uses Google Street View as a source of inspiration. Here is the link to my inspiration for this painting.


  1. I love the diagonal horizon line in this, as well as the way the path sweeps you right into the painting! Goos stuff here!!!

  2. Thank you Claire. I am honored to receive such a nice comment from someone who is such a fine artist themselves.

  3. This is so lovely Catharine! It pulls me in. I love the soft watercolor effect. How are you enjoying the open acrylics?

  4. Hi Catharine, love this painting, especially as I am a New Zealander and was at first confused that there would be a New Zealand Road in Canada - how did the naming of it come about - do you know??

  5. Thanks for your comment Di. I'm not sure where the name came from. Maybe I can find out.