Sunday, September 22, 2013

22/30 in 30

8"x8" encaustic on gallery panel
A few larger pieces got started today but here is a smaller painting to test out the sage green color again. 
I liked the white on white painting the other day but it needed a little something so I covered it with this sage green colour and then scraped it back to reveal the raised whites of the trees.  Then I added more layers of white.  It turned out great...sooo tempted to keep this one...but I brought it to the gallery (  on Wednesday and it sold. 
One of the nice things about encaustics is that you can save anything you scrape off, then melt it down and filter it.  You can end up with some amazing neutral colours.  The neutral background  colour in the painting above and the sage in the painting below were both "sludge" colours.  Thank goodness I was able to mix a sage colour today that was very close because I had a request to make some larger pieces with that green...phew.

16"x16" encaustic on wood panel - sold